Unlocking the potential in healthcare data

Our mission is to increase the impact and volume of research using healthcare data through collaboration and software innovation.

Delivering effective, robust results

We work collaboratively with our clients, regularly reviewing findings and progress to deliver robust research aligned with our client’s objectives.

Enabling efficient research

Our innovative software platform allows researchers and business users alike to collaboratively explore, analyse and understand large population health datasets.

Health Economics Research

Our agile multidisciplinary team undertakes research projects using real world population health datasets.

The combination of health economics researchers, data scientists, talented engineers and our HealthIRIS platform allows us to complete projects rigorously and efficiently producing robust results.

We have expertise in Health Resource Utilisation, Budget Impact Modelling, Network Meta-analysis and Cost Effectiveness Modelling.

We use interactive data exploration tools to collaborate with our clients during projects resulting in higher quality, reusable results. As well as traditional reports, slide decks and papers we provide interactive dashboards allowing our clients to explore the results, gaining additional value from their research investment.


Our secure web-based platform allows researchers and business users to collaboratively explore and analyse project and population health datasets.

HealthIRIS provides simple but powerful dashboards and visualisations for non-technical users as well as access to advanced industry-standard statistical modelling for researchers.

The platform allows algorithms and knowledge created during research projects to be captured. This knowledge can be peer-reviewed, shared and reused within the platform leading to improved consistency and efficiency in future projects.

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About Digital Health Labs

Digital Health Labs Limited is a small and innovative data consultancy specialising in pharmacoepidemiological research and development of interactive analytical software for real-world healthcare datasets.

Digital Health Labs was created to develop and commercialise the ideas and techniques that have been formed whilst the founders have worked with large health dataset collected from routine practice both performing studies using the data and creating tools to interrogate the data. The founders come from a background of running a successful custom software consultancy over the last 10 years as well as extensive research using anonymised patient-level datasets.

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